Rabbi Pinchas Levin… is the TORAH TUTOR

Our Journey Begins!

My story is a long one. Coming from a modern background, and 30 years of truth seeking, studying and teaching the depth of the Torah in Jerusalem. I’ve recognized the lack of basic understanding of HaShem and His loving connection to us, in all circles of Jews and certainly peoples that don’t study Torah. 
After many personal life difficulties, I’m now in a position of re-dedication of what’s left of my life.
I’m dedicating the rest of my life to study, practice, teach, guide, develop, and lead all people, individually and collectively, to have a close loving relationship with HaShem through the pleasant and purposeful ways of HaShem’s instructions called the Torah. 
I hope you gain from each of my lessons to find new vigor and joy in pleasant meaningful spiritual living. 

Here is Torah 101- The Goal Of Torah Study