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Episode 1- The Song For which Temple

Episode 2- Singing About Tragedy

Episode 3- Spiritual Aerobics & Weight Lifting on Chanukah

Episode 4- Are We Singing About Chanukah or Purim

Episode 5- Praising, Thanking, & Praising

Episode 6- Chanukah for Leaving Egypt

Episode 7- Which came first, Chanukah or Purim

Episode 8- The Laws of Dreidel

Episode 9- Eating Latkes or Pizza

Episode 10- Chanukah Gelt Solves Major Problems

Episode 11- Shabbos Prayers

Episode 12- Rosh Chodesh Chanukah Prayers

Episode 13- Lighting Eight Night Together Separately 

Episode 14- Zos Chanukah, the Eighth Day of Chanukah, The Light of Salvation

Episode 15- The Ninth Day of Chanukah