For thousands of years, millions of Jews and Christians have been arguing the same arguments. What does God, our loving father in heaven, think about all this bickering, fighting, hatred, and bloodshed? To any parent, the worst thing is for his children to fight. There is a solution to the conflict, but everyone is so involved in the debate and the details, that they’re not seeing it. Join me in this series to recognize the absolute truth of the situation, and together we will bring world peace and the final revelation of Gods kingdom.

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Episode 1- Preface

Episode 2- Mind & Heart

Episode 3- Blood Atonement

Episode 4- Preparing for Messiah

Episode 5- World Order

Episode 6- The Purpose of Life

Episode 7- The Source of Hatred

Episode 8- Sunday & Torah

Episode 9- The Trinity (the father through the son)

Episode 10- The Trinity 2 (the Holy Spirit)

Episode 11- Missionaries & Counter Missionaries

Episode 12- We’re All Sinners

Episode 13- Jewish Conflict Resolution

Episode 14- God Is Our Healer

Episode 15- Vicarious Atonement

Episode 16- Mary’s Little Lamb

Episode 17- Suffering Servant

Episode 18- Confused Texts Explained by a Bullfrog

Episode 19- Eternal Damnation

Episode 20- Evangelism

Episode 21- Conclusion

Episode 22- The Cross

Episode 23- Resurrection

Episode 24- The Rapture

Episode 25- The Debate

Episode 26- The Laws of the Old Testament

Episode 27- God’s Name

Episode 28- Reconnecting Church & State

Episode 29- God Spoke to Me

Episode 30- Evangelical Success