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Episode 1- Jewish Law 1

Episode 2- “Waking Up”

Episode 3- “Modeh Ani”

Episode 4- “The Sanctity of Jewish Hands”

Episode 5- “Getting Dressed”

Episode 6- “Looking and Acting Jewish”

Episode 7- “Prayer”

Episode 8- “Different Prayers”

Episode 9- “Times To Pray”

Episode 10- “Morning Blessings”

Episode 11- “Text of Morning Blessings”

Episode 12- “Blessing on the Torah”

Episode 13- “Awake All Night”

Episode 14- “The Chair Room”

Episode 15- “Knowledge”

Episode 16- “Appreciating Who You Are”

Episode 17- “Insight for the Blind”

Episode 18- “The Process in Waking Up”

Episode 19- “Standing Strait”

Episode 20- “Ready To Go”

Episode 21- “My Challenge is too Difficult”

Episode 22- “Good Deeds”

Episode 23- “Where is HaShem”

Episode 24- “Number One Priority”