The source of eternal life after the resurrection comes from eating Saturday night. There’s something really special and amazing going on, and sadly people aren’t getting it. Join us to explore various aspects of this most important weekly celebration, which will bring you life on a weekly basis, and for eternity.

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Episode 1- Healthy & Eternal Life

Episode 2- Celebrating Without a Party

Episode 3- Losing the Extra soul

Episode 4- The Weeks Light

Episode 5- Hot Bread

Episode 6- Healthy Bread & Water

Episode 7- Money

Episode 8- The Purpose of Evil

Episode 9- Words of Life

Episode 10- Havdallah

Episode 11- How to Succeed in Difficult Times

Episode 12- Back to Gehenom

Episode 13- Holiday Week

Episode 14- What To do

Episode 15- Balak 17th of Tamuz